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"Where Conversations Happen" Third Sunday in Lent - March 12, 2023

We’re still talking about conversation this week. Last week we saw how layers of a conversation unfolded between Jesus and Nicodemus, one example of how the conversational nature of Jesus in the gospel of John points us to the conversational nature of reality – of faith, itself. And I asked you to think of people in your life who embody that kind of conversation. But…it’s not just certain people who bring out conversation…there’s also certain places that lend themselves to that kind of conversation. Sure, conversations can unfold anywhere, sometimes in even unexpected places. But there are places we especially like.

For instance, I mentioned my grandparents last week. They had this screened-in back porch – chairs, porch swing, little tables with coke cans, ash trays, and bottles of aloe vera. I spent my summer evenings on that back porch in Odessa, TX. Listening to conversations unfold.

Where’s that place for you? Where is it? Where’d you have that “certain” conversation with your spouse…before they were your spouse? Not the “will you marry me” conversation. No, the one where you heard yourself saying things, sharing things, asking things…embarrassing things, words that surprised you…The kind of conversations where he says,

“So what do you love?”

And she says, “Hmmm…I love cheesy rom-coms, and murder mysteries, salty margaritas, and right now I’m into the music of Pachelbel…” And he replies, trying hard to impress…

“Yeah, I like Taco Bell too…but I’ve never really paid attention to the music they play in there.”

And both are slipping deeper and deeper…

Where do the conversations happen for you…coffee shop, corner booth in a dive bar, kitchen table, around a good fire on a cool night? Where do they happen? Because there are places…

I think one such spot in a