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Open and Affirming

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St. Andrew's is a member of the Open and Affirming Congregations of the Texas Panhandle (OAC), a coalition of congregations dedicated to supporting members of LGBTQIA communities.

The mission of OAC is to help LGBTQIA individuals and their families find a faith community where they will be welcomed and affirmed, and to dispel the notion that there is no place--or only a second-class place--for LGBTQIA people among people of faith. 

As people of faith we celebrate diversity.


As an OPEN and AFFIRMING CONGREGATION of the Texas Panhandle, we pledge to be a safe space where members of the LGBTQIA communities are welcomed and affirmed, and have all the rights and responsibilities to:

  • Participate fully in all rituals and sacraments including marriages and rites of passage

  • Use all your gifts openly in service

  • Have equal opportunities to participate in congregational leadership

  • Be part of our community of faith—with the freedom to participate fully in the life of the community, sharing your joys, your griefs, and your life with us—as we share ours with you.




The OAC Pledge

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