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"Shall We Dance?" - 1st Sunday After Pentecost: Trinity Sunday - May 30, 2021

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

In the name of God, who is love, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

My final year of formation as a deacon was significant for two major reasons, one related to ministry and one related to our class time. The ministry I became involved in was visiting the homebound, first as a Eucharistic Visitor, then as a deacon.

In particular, I got to know six wonderful women who had been active at St. Andrew’s but were no longer able to attend. In her own way, each of these women invited me to share life and love with them. But one of them—Pan Eimon—took a while. The first few times we visited, she was out and about in her assisted living facility, and we visited in the dining room or parlor. She came across as a quiet, proper lady; she didn’t say much beyond a few polite phrases.

Then one day, I couldn’t find her out and about, so I knocked on her door. She let me in and WOW!!! The walls were filled with her paintings. She was a wonderful artist. What a variety of styles and colors and subjects! Through those paintings, Pan finally invited me into her life and love. Come to find out, Pan and her husband had traveled and lived around the world. Fascinating!

I’ve been thinking this month about my favorite painting of hers. A group of Latin American street musicians are gathered almost in a semicircle. Some are looking at others in the group, and some are looking at the audience. I felt like they were inviting me to dance. I could almost hear the music. It was tempting, but I resisted the urge to invite Pan, “Shall we dance?”

Speaking of dancing, that takes me to the second reason my final year of formation was significant. Early in the year, one class session focused on the Trinity. Now, I have not always embraced the idea of the Trinity. For many years, it just felt like hubris to think that humans could dissect and analyze God enough to define God so precisely