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"Jesus Touched Them All" - Sermon for the 3rd Sunday of Easter - April 18, 2021

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of all of our hearts, be pleasing to you, Oh God.+

Recently I was exposed to the word “Dalit”. D-A-L-I-T. I didn’t know what it meant, so I googled it. What I discovered is that a Dalit is a member of the lowest caste -- C A S T E -- in the traditional caste system in India.

What I saw was an article about how one Dalit man was beaten for the social offense of simply eating in front of a man of a higher caste. What I saw was a video of one man being beaten by several other men with what looked like broom sticks. They beat the Dalit man repeatedly and with such force that one of the sticks broke over the man’s head and shoulders, and yet they continued to beat the man.

Dalits. Or another name for them … “untouchables.”

Hearing this word, Dalit, discovering this group of oppressed people that I previously knew nothing about, made me think of all the “untouchable” people that Jesus encountered.

  • First to mind were those with leprosy. (Mark 1:40-45, Luke 17: 11-19)

  • Another was the Samaritan woman at the well. Double untouchable because she was a Samaritan and a woman. (John 4: 1-26)

  • The woman who had a discharge of blood for 12 years. (Matthew 9: 20-22, Mark 5: 25-34, Luke 8: 43-48)

  • The many people Jesus encountered who were blind. (Matthew 9: 27-31, Matthew 20: 30-34)

  • The man with the unclean spirit. (Mark 1:23-28).

  • The widow whose son who had died. (Luke 7:11-18)