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"Collects of Advent: Putting on Jesus in Ugly Sweater Season" - First Sunday in Advent - December 3, 2023

We’re entering a new season…are you excited? I sure am. I’ve been waiting. 

Y'all know what season I’m talking about? (Ask: What season?) 

NO…! It’s ugly sweater season. Advent?? 

Yes…it is Advent. And I’m glad we get to be together welcoming Advent this morning. 

BUT…it is…also…ugly sweater season. 

That’s a thing now…you know. Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Finding like really gaudy, overly-done, colorful Christmas sweaters. When I was a kid the only people who wore those sweaters were PTA moms. Yall remember? Some of you were those moms…and you did not wear those sweaters ironically as so many do now. That’s just what you wore. But it is a thing now. 

I have my eye on a sweater…but not because I find it ugly – others might I’m sure…I just really love it…because I’m passionate about the establishment it showcases on the front. 

The Waffle House. It is a Waffle House Ch