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2nd Sunday Easter and The Marriage of The Rev. Dave Blakley and Mr. Bruce McAda - April 17, 2022

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

In the name of God the Lover, God the Beloved, and God the Love that unites us all. Amen.

Good morning! What a glorious and beautiful day it is to worship together this morning as we witness the celebration and blessing of the marriage of my fellow Deacon Dave Blakely and Bruce McAda!

I will say that I really love this practice that Mtr. Jo and Fr. Clifton Mann brought to this church, of having a wedding or blessing of a marriage be a part of Sunday worship. Jo and Cliff Craig were married in a Sunday service here, and then 30 of us parishioners joined them on their honeymoon as we journeyed through Ireland together on a church trip! Some time later, Mtr. Miriam and Cory had their civil marriage blessed at a Sunday service, as well. I mean, WHY wouldn’t that be a part of the church worship, to be witnessed and blessed by the church family and community??

One of the many things I love about our faith tradition, the one I am so grateful has formed me from my birth, is that what “we” do is we bless, we sanctify, we consecrate - EVERYTHING!! I mean, y’all – we are in the blessing business! Not only are the simple elements of bread and wine consecrated into the most blessed body and blood of Christ each Sunday at this altar, we bless the water before baptism, we bless our animals as we commemorate the feast of St. Francis, we bless the creche as we celebrate the first service of Christmas, I’ve been to Episcopal services where crops were blessed for a fruitful harvest, I had a home blessed by our beloved Bishop Quarterman (where he was of course fully vested) as he led us in a procession from room to room for prayer and blessing in each room (and yes, even the bathroom!) – I repeat, y’all, we bless EVERYTHING!! And if there isn’t a liturgy for it in the Book of Common Prayer or the Book of Occasional Services or other liturgies approved by our church, our priests make up something (reverently, of course) to suit the occasion! That’s what we DO – we BLESS!!

Dave and Bruce are coming together before this community to have their union blessed! After 20+ years together, it seems like a long time coming – as the invitation said in that beautiful scroll font.. “Final