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St. Andrew's Beloved Community and Hamlet Elementary School

Sunday 9/17, RJ Soleyjacks, Principal at Hamlet Elementary School

introduced himself and his school to St. Andrew’s Christian Formation. Our

Beloved Community ministry has been working with Principal Soleyjacks since

February to address several important needs at the school.

To a room full of parishioners, RJ described what he believes it will take to

transform the worst performing elementary school in Amarillo ISD for the 250+

children who attend. Hamlet is located in one of the poorest and most dangerous

neighborhoods in Amarillo, across the Dumas Highway from Wonderland Park.

Bottom line - those of us attending were impressed and inspired by Principal

Soleyjacks. He revealed the harsh realities that his students and teachers face

every day. But his enthusiasm and practical strategies for making the school 1%

better each day captured our hearts and imagination.

Principal Soleyjacks shared the following THREE opportunities where St.

Andrew’s volunteers and/or financial contributions would make a real difference.

As always, if this is your ministry:

To volunteer – contact Nora Stidham at 806-679-9773 or

Nora can let you know ways you can support students at Hamlet even if you

have little time to offer. Every volunteer hour will make an outsized difference

with the student(s) you support.