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"From Transaction to Transformation" 20th Sunday After Pentecost - October 10, 2021

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I’m going to ask you a question this morning.

And I really want you to think about it. You ready? Here’s the question.

Why was Jesus crucified? Think about it. Why was he crucified?

It’s an important question, don’t you think? Afterall, every Sunday within our liturgy at one point and in some way, we proclaim that he was crucified. And we find the symbol of the cross in all kinds of places in the life of the Church – on banners, flags, on the covers of Bibles and Prayerbooks, on vestments, and dangling from chains worn around the neck.

So, why was Jesus crucified?

One response might be…he upset people – the “religious establishment” by moving in on their turf with all his talk of love.

But is that why Jesus was crucified? Because of how much he loved? Some people might think that. I don’t know….what do you think?

Here’s my problem with that: Rome didn’t crucify people because they walked around telling other people to love one another. And I think in some ways that gives us this very softened image of Jesus – let’s call it felt board Jesus. Yall remember those from Sunday School class back in the day – the felt boards and the paper cut-outs of different bible characters? Jesus always looked like Kenny Loggins or Cat Stevens. Felt-board